Shrimp baked in the oven recipe

Shrimp baked in the oven recipe - a great snack for both beer and festive table; get ready fast and easy.

  • Cooking Time - 30 minutes
  • Calories - 220


Shrimps - 700 gram
Olive oil
Dill - 1 bundle.

How to make Shrimp backed in the oven recipe


  • This is my first added recipe, so the photo is only final please do not judge strictly, I hope everyone will like it.
  • So, let's start: we take the shrimp, choose the number yourself, I, as a rule, take 700-750 grams (unpeeled, frozen)
  • Boil water adds dill, pepper, and a bay leaf to the water.

  • Pour the shrimp in boiling water and cook for 5 minutes (it is impossible to digest, which makes them hard).
  • While the shrimps are boiling, we pour olive oil into the container; add seafood spices, petals of red sweet pepper, mix everything.
  • Shrimp ready. The oven warms up to 190-200 * C.
  • Put the foil on a baking sheet, oil it with olive oil, spread evenly small pieces of butter, 50 grams, 2-3 cloves of garlic, cut into circles and also spread out evenly.

  • We spread the rows of shrimps, grease them with a mixture of spices, bake for 5-7 minutes, then turn over and grease again with a mixture of spices, another 5-7 minute - and the dish is ready.
  • Put the shrimps on the dish, cut the lemon into 4 parts, and lay them nearby.
  • For the sauce, I mix paprika sauce and spices for seafood.

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