Top 10 Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner

Seafood is already quite firmly established in the culinary books of different nations. And today we going to make Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner Thanks to modern technologies of fast freezing, shrimps, mussels, squid became available not only to residents of coastal cities but also regions distant from the sea.

Top 10 Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner

Hostesses around the world had time to appreciate the benefits of dishes with shrimp. This versatile ingredient will perfectly fit both in salads and in the first, second course or in savory pastries.

Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner

He will give the dish not only a unique exquisite taste but also a spectacular appearance, so seafood is often used as an exquisite decor. In addition, cooking shrimp is a pleasure, because they do not require long heat treatment and a lot of cooking time.

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Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner are perfect for a solemn event, and for a variety of daily menu. You can cook shrimps in just a couple of minutes, and by adding them with various ingredients, any hostess can easily create a culinary masterpiece worthy of being on the menu of the chicest restaurants in the home.

Top 10 Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner 

#1. Salad with shrimps, salmon, and olives

Top 10 Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner
  • Cooking Time - 20 minutes
  • Calories - 200


Shrimp - 570 Gram
Light-salted salmon - 220 Gram
Eggs – 2 Gram
Olives – 110 Gram
Cheese - 113 Gram
Tomatoes - 125 Gram
Sesame – 15 Gram
Sour cream – 45 Gram
Mayonnaise 40 Gram

Preparation of Salad with shrimps, salmon, and olives

  • Shrimp boil for a short time in the salted water. We take out, we clean. We cut each into 3 parts. Boiled eggs boiled.

  • Finely cut the olives. Peeled chicken eggs and cheese rubbed. We transfer all components to a bowl, we stir.

  • Separately, combine mayonnaise with 7 ml of lime juice, low-fat sour cream, and salt.

  • We add this dressing to the mixture of sliced components, which we then lay out on a flat dish. You can give it a star shape by gently leveling the edge with a spoon.

  • Cut tomatoes and salmon into thin layers. On top of the salad, put the first pieces of tomato; complete the design of the dish with redfish.

  • Sprinkle with sesame. Decorate with lime rings. 

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#2. Small Seafood salad with nectarine and shrimp

  • Cooking Time - 50 minutes
  • Calories - 250


Shrimp – 680 Gram
Peach - 210 Gram
Arugula - 225 Gram
Lemon - 115 Gram
Eggs - 2
Olive oil - 68 ml
Basil - 35 Gram

Preparation of Small Seafood salad with nectarine and shrimp

  • Arugula, basil washed, gives dry. Cook eggs hard boiled. Shrimp thawed, we clean. In a deep dish, we rub the zest of thoroughly washed lemon in the amount of half a teaspoon.

  • Squeeze 60 ml of citrus juice to it. Pour 40 ml of oil salt, pepper, mix. Chop the basil, add to the marinade.

  • Pour the third part of the marinade into another container, and in the remaining part - marinate seafood for about half an hour. On a flat dish, we tear large arugula.

  • Peeled nectarines are cut into oblong small pieces, which are placed on a pillow of arugula. Fry the shrimp in the remaining hot oil for 8 minutes.

  • We shift seafood in the salad. Add the sliced eggs. Pour the remaining marinade. We decorate with basil.

#3. Best Grilled shrimp appetizer with salsa sauce

Top 10 Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner
  • Cooking Time - 40 minutes
  • Calories - 300


Tiger shrimps - 960 Gram
Mango fruit - 1
Avocado - 1
Sweet pepper – 70 Gram
Crimean onion – 92 Gram
Sugar – 6 Gram
Parsley – 19 Gram
Olive oil - 34 ml
Chili pepper - 7 Gram
Lime juice - 18 ml

Preparation of Best Grilled shrimp appetizer with salsa sauce

  • We wash vegetables, fruits, greens. Peel mangoes, avocados. Finely chop. Remove the seeds from Bulgarian and chili peppers, cut as small as possible. Chop the parsley.

  • Mix mango, parsley, both peppers and avocados in a deep bowl. Pour sugar, pour in lime juice. We sat, we mix. Onions clean, shred, put in a separate bowl.

  • We defrost seafood; we delete a black streak, heads, armor, having left only the last section near a tail. We spread the shrimp to the onions, pour oil.

  • We sat, we place on a lattice, and we fry. We transfer to the dish; on top, we put salsa from mango, peppers, and avocado. Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner 

#4. Small Canapés with shrimp

Top 10 Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner

  • Cooking Time - 1 Hr 20 minutes
  • Calories - 350


Shrimp - 630 Gram
Bread - 285 Gram
Melted cheese - 123 Gram
Olives – 30 Gram
Dill – 13 Gram
Horseradish - 28 Gram
Chive - 1
Mayonnaise - 32 Gram
Vegetable oil - 9 ml

Preparation of Small Canapés with shrimp

  • Bread thinly cut into pieces of rectangular shape. Fry in oil. Cool, rubbed with chives. Boil the shrimp with salt for a couple of minutes.

  • We clean, finely chop, leaving for decoration one shrimp for each canape. Cheese rub. Dill rinsed, grind, add to the cheese.

  • Add the chopped shrimp, horseradish, mayonnaise, mix. The resulting mixture we smear canapés. 

  • Cut the olives into rings, lay them on top of the cheese-shrimp mass.

  • We decorate with whole shrimps, greens.

#5. Cream soup with oyster mushrooms and shrimps

Top 10 Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner

  • Cooking Time - 40 minutes
  • Calories - 200


Shrimp - 940 Gram
Chicken broth- 580 ml
White wine -190 ml
Cream - 320 ml
Oyster mushrooms – 180 Gram
Butter - 65 Gram
Cumin - 3 Gram
Parsley - 14 Gram
Rye bread – 70 Gram

Preparation of Cream soup with oyster mushrooms and shrimps

  • My oyster mushrooms cut into 30x10 mm bars. We defrost and we clean shrimps. Fry them in half the oil, salt.

  • Then take out and fry the oyster mushrooms separately, lightly salted. In the boiled broth we place mushrooms and seafood.

  • Pour wine. Cook for 10 minutes. Salt, pepper, pour cumin, pours cream.

  • Bring to a boil. Parsley wash, chop. Cut the bread into oblong pieces and dry in the oven. We spill in portions. Before serving, add croutons, greens.

#6. Very Testy Vegetable soup with shrimp

Top 10 Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner

  • Cooking Time - 55 minutes
  • Calories - 350


Shrimp- 535 Gram
Sweet pepper - 75 Gram
Crimean onion - 85 Gram
Carrots – 70 Gram
Asparagus - 116 Gram
Tomatoes – 120 Gram
Rice – 75 Gram
Butter- 35 Gram
Olives - 48 Gram
Parsley - 18 Gram

Preparation of Very Testy Vegetable soup with shrimp

  • Vegetables, rice washed. We clean the asparagus, remove the ends, peel. Boil for 3 minutes, cut into small pieces.

  • Peeled carrots cut into half rings, shred onions as small as possible. Cut off the stem from the pepper, remove the seeds.

  • Cut the pepper in four pieces lengthwise, and then in thin strips across. Peeled tomato cut into cubes. Shrimp boil 5 minutes, remove. Strain the broth.

  • We place in it carrots, onions. After 5 minutes, add rice. Boil these ingredients for 4 minutes, add pepper, asparagus, tomato. Leave for three minutes.

  • Fry shrimp in oil, salted. We transfer to the soup. Add sliced along olives, turmeric, salt. When serving, decorate with parsley.

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#7. Simple Fettuccine with shrimp

Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner

  • Cooking Time - 20 minutes
  • Calories - 300


Broad noodles - 260 Gram
Peeled shrimp - 420 Gram
Canned tomatoes - 410 Gram
Onion – 87 Gram
Olive oil - 34 ml
Sweet multicolored pepper- 180 Gram
Beer- 210 ml
Tomato paste – 25 Gram
Cloves of garlic - 2
Corn kernels – 115 Gram
Oregano - 12 Gram
Basil - 12 Gram

Preparation of Simple Fettuccine with shrimp

  • Vegetables, greens washed, clean. Chop the onions and cut the peppers into strips. Pour oil into a saucepan.

  • Fry onion, pepper. We add the peeled tomatoes, corn, tomato paste. Squeeze the garlic. Pour beer, salt. Simmer the sauce until thick. In a separate container boil fettuccine.

  • Put the shrimp in the prepared sauce. Cook for 7 minutes. Grind basil, oregano, add to the shrimp.

  • Add boiled fettuccine. Gently stir Served with fresh vegetables decorated with greens.

#8. Best Seafood Pilaf

Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner

  • Cooking Time - 1 Hr
  • Calories - 200


Shrimp - 445 Gram
Squid - 330 Gram
Rice - 210 Gram
Mussels - 270 Gram
Rice vinegar - 47 ml
Green beans - 92 Gram
Crimean onion - 47 Gram
Garlic – 2 cloves
Ginger - 8 Gram
Carrots - 56 Gram
Soy sauce - 32 ml
Olive oil - 88 ml
Brown sugar - 6 Gram

Preparation of Best Seafood Pilaf

  • We clean the seafood: we remove the skin from the squid, scald it with pre-boiling water, remove the ridge, and separate the heads, shell, black veins from the shrimp.

  • Wash rice; boil in 300 ml of water. Squids cut into rings. Wash vegetables, clean. Chop onion, carrot - finely cut. In a skillet, fry vegetables first, beans, then seafood for about 3 minutes.

  • Put them together, add the grated ginger, and squeeze the garlic. Pour rice, sugar. Add the remaining oil, vinegar, soy sauce. Stir, boil for 4 minutes.

#9. Small Éclairs with shrimp

Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner

  • Cooking Time - 40 minutes
  • Calories - 400


Flour- 310 Gram
Butter- 160 Gram
Eggs - 7
Peeled shrimp - 420 Gram
Cucumbers - 175 Gram
Ketchup - 30 Gram
Mayonnaise - 160 Gram
Water - 500 ml

Preparation Small Éclairs with shrimp

  • Pour water into the pan, add oil, salt. When the mass boils, pour the pre-sifted flour with constant stirring.

  • Knead elastic dough, turn off the fire. We shift the choux pastry into another container, cool it. Beat eggs one by one, mixing.

  • The resulting viscous dough is placed in a pastry bag. We cover the baking sheet with parchment, coat with butter.

  •  Squeeze the balls of dough at a distance of 40 mm from each other. We bake at 210 degrees for about 20 minutes.

  •  Hot eclairs are incised with a knife on the side. Shrimp thawed, large - cut. Cucumbers thinly cut. Combine with shrimp, mayonnaise, ketchup. Mix, fill with shrimp eclairs.

#10. Very Testy Croissants with Jamon and shrimp

Top 10 Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner

  • Cooking Time - 50 minutes
  • Calories - 250


Puff pastry - 520 Gram
King shrimp - 840 Gram
Ham - 350 Gram
Egg - 1
Lemon juice - 27 ml
Cream - 8 ml
Sesame - 17 Gram
Olive oil - 13 ml
Dry peppers mixture

Preparation of Very Testy Croissants with Ham and shrimp

  • We clean the shrimp by removing the shell, heads and black streaks along the tails. Hamon cut into thin slices.

  • Shrimps pour lemon juice, butter, pepper. Each of them is wrapped with a strip of Ham. Defrost the dough, roll out, sprinkle with flour. Cut into thin strips.

  • Wrap in them shrimp with Ham. Whisk the yolk with cream. Coat the mixture with the top of the croissants. Sprinkle with sesame. We bake about 15 minutes at 200 degrees.

To understand how to cook shrimp frozen pink shrimps have already been boiled so they can be consumed without heat treatment, just defrosting.

Recipes with shrimp, where it is proposed to stew and cook or fry seafood differ in short cooking time because even raw shrimp are cooked very quickly.

Delicate seafood does not like a lot of spices, Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner which interrupt their exquisite taste. Shrimps are perfectly combined with lemon, lime, garlic, pepper, soy sauce.

Cooking shrimp is very simple; you just need not be afraid to experiment, showing your imagination in the kitchen.

The use of seafood provides a unique opportunity to create exclusive, truly chic dishes. Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner will add to any dish a unique highlight, which will be appreciated by all lovers of seafood.

I hope you love all the Top 10 Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner and you could make for your friend and family if you have any issue and dought to how to make any dish in above Best small shrimps Recipes for dinner please comment in the comment section

Thanks, And Enjoy Your Meal.!!

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