Crispy shrimp toast recipe

If you plan to celebrate the New Year with your loved one, then you can fork out and cook Crispy shrimp toasts to taste and appearance.

Your half will appreciate it exactly and will be delighted. Festive shrimp toast is perfect for champagne, wine, and many strong drinks.

Crispy shrimp toasts are a great alternative to traditional sausage toasts, if you like shrimp, of course. Toasts are tender, with original taste and aroma.

Crispy shrimp toast recipe

  • Cooking time - 50 minutes
  • Calories - 400

Crispy shrimp toast recipe

Personally, I like shrimp toasts because practically no fats are used in cooking, that is, toasts are not too fatty and harmful.

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You can fry them in a pan without oil - then they will be generally dietary. Shrimp toast is hard to compare with something, but if you like shrimp, you should like shrimp toast.

Ingredients for Crispy shrimp toast recipe

Shrimp - 20 pieces
White Egg  - 1 PieceSalt - 1 \ 4 Teaspoons
Ground Pepper  - 1 \ 4 TeaspoonsToast Bread - 4 Pieces
Sesame - 20 Grams
Vegetable oil - 40 milliliters

How to Make Crispy shrimp toast recipe

@Step 1 - To begin with - we clean raw shrimp.

Crispy shrimp toast recipe

@Step 2 - Using a blender, grinds the peeled shrimp until smooth.

Crispy shrimp toast recipe

@Step 3 - Add egg white to the mass, salt, and pepper it, mix well. Paste the resulting paste on bread for toast.

Crispy shrimp toast recipe

@Step 4 - Sprinkle bread with sesame. Cut the bread into four parts - into triangles, as shown in the photo.

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Crispy shrimp toast recipe

@Step 5 - Heat a small amount of butter in a pan, then put our toasts in a pan with shrimp paste. Fry for 2-3 minutes on one side

Crispy shrimp toast recipe

@Step 6 - Next - turns the toast and fry for another 1 minute until golden brown.

Hearty, festive, surprises with a new taste. I think that many shrimp toast lovers will like it! Delicious and Crispy shrimp toast recipe are ready.

Enjoy your New Year holidays.

Serve hot until cold!

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