Baked Salmon with Shrimp recipe

Salmon baked with shrimps - very tasty, even exquisite, but very simple and fast hot fish.

Salmon baked with shrimps one of the most delicious hot fish dishes I know of comes from seafood! The fact is that shrimps in this dish traditionally come from cold waters, very, very small, something like krill.

Baked Salmon with Shrimp recipe
  • Cooking time - 20 minutes
  • Calories - 300
In the old days in the north of Germany, especially on the islands, it was such a common everyday food that people complained that they had something to eat except shrimps! Every day - the fish with shrimp, the meatballs from the shrimp - quite a disaster, in short!

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Ingredients for Baked Salmon with Shrimp recipe

Salmon - 750 Gram
Cream Cheese - 250 Gram
Shrimp - 100 Gram

Well, it is strange for us to read such things. The problem of fishermen’s families living on small islands was that they could get bread, flour, cereals, vegetables, and fruits only from the mainland. They kept some cattle, from where in a dish and cream cheese. But the crop on the islands is not engaged.

Shrimp salmon is a modern version of the old way of cooking fish in this way. In general, any rather large fillet of not too bony fish is suitable for the recipe.

If your shrimps are not small, but large, you will have to grind them, because they are like seasoning. Instead of cream cheese a fatty curd mass, very fat and thick sour cream, all sorts of mascarpone and ricotta.

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But preparing salmon with shrimp is very, very fast and absolutely elementary. Before cooking, the oven should be heated to 180 ° C, and everything else you need to do, you will do in less than 5 minutes!

Baked Salmon with Shrimp recipe

How to make Baked Salmon with Shrimp recipe

#Step – 1 Grind greens

Baked Salmon with Shrimp recipe

#Step – 2 Mix cream cheese with shrimp and seasonings.

Baked Salmon with Shrimp recipe

#Step – 3 Put the salmon fillet skin-down in a metal container

Baked Salmon with Shrimp recipe

#Step – 4 Shrimp salmon fillet in cream cheese.

Baked Salmon with Shrimp recipe

#Step – 5 Bake the salmon fillet with shrimps in a preheated to 180 ° C oven with air circulation at an average level of 15-20 minutes, until the desired level of salmon readiness for you.

If you do not have an exact idea of how much your oven needs on fillets of this size, you can use shrimp spreads: as long as there are no brown baked spots on it, the fish is still raw.

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From the oven, it must be removed between the appearance of the first such specks and the complete browning of the whole crust.

It is impossible, in my opinion, to over dry a salmon baking it with shrimps. Well, except that just forget about him at all and leave for an hour from home.

Baked Salmon with Shrimp recipe

In my opinion, baked salmon with shrimps is an ideal dish for receiving guests. It requires a minimum of work from the hostess, very tasty, little-known and certainly will impress all fish lovers.

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