shrimp dip cream cheese recipe

Shrimp dip cream cheese recipe is a classic dish which is often served on weddings and festivals. But, it can sometimes be made at dinner at home.  Making Shrimp dish is a long task, but once you taste this recipe you will know that all your efforts have been painted.

shrimp dip cream cheese recipe
  • Cooking time - 30 minutes
  • Calories - 210

Ingredients for shrimp dip cream cheese recipe

A mixture of butter and olive oil
Cream - 150 ml with 30–35% fat
Cream - 300 ml
Soft cream cheese - 400 Gram
Grated parmesan - 150 Gram
Shrimp - 400 Gram
Garlic - 2 cloves
Sprigs of thyme - 2

Friends, the Shrimp dip cream cheese will be very large everywhere, because it is considered a royal meal

How to cook Shrimp Dip

@Step 1 - Peel the onions, cut into cubes and fry in a mixture of butter and olive oil, 10 minutes. Cool a little, put in a glass blender, pour in 150 ml of cream with a fat content of 30-35% and whisk until smooth.

@Step 2 - Add another 150 ml of cream and whisk. Add cream cheese and grated parmesan, mix until smooth.

@Step 3 - Peel the shrimp, remove the dark intestinal vein, salt the shrimp and pepper, fry in olive oil with a pair of garlic cloves and a pair of thyme sprigs, 1 min. from each side.

@Step 4 - Cool and chop the shrimp - half very fine, remaining larger.

@Step 5 - Mix the shrimp with the cheese mass and place in a baking dish. Up to this point, the snack can be prepared in advance, 12–18 hours before serving, and kept in the refrigerator.

@Step 6 - Before serving, put the form in an oven preheated to 180 ° C, bake until the mass starts to gurgle.

Serve the Shrimp dip cream cheese by sprinkling chives, hot, with breadsticks, crackers or corn chips.

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