Shrimp creole with rice recipe

Everybody likes to eat Shrimp Creole with rice. But many do not know the right way to make it and in such a way it does not taste what you want. So let us here tell you how to make Shrimp with rice recipe that you get the same taste as the restaurant at home.

Shrimp creole with rice
  • Cooking Time – 1 Hour 30  minutes
  • Calories - 200

Savory and hearty main course which combines rice, sausage and shrimp and unusual and very tasty

Ingredients for Shrimp Creole with rice

Rice - 0.5 Glass
Shrimp - 100 Gram
Sausage - 80 Gram
Onion 1 pc
Sweet pepper - 0.5 pc
Lemon - 1 pc
Chili - 1 pc
Garlic - 1 clove
Vegetable oil - 40 ml
Parsley sprig

If you too have become bored with the same rice recipe then prepare it at home today, very tasty, healthy Shrimp Creole with rice recipe it is considered highly beneficial during the summer.

How to make Shrimp Creole with rice

#Step 1 - Peel the shrimps and marinate in lemon juice and finely chopped garlic. Cover the shrimp's shells with water and boil. We will need broth.

#Step 2 - Bow and sausage pick up. Fry the onions with sausage in sunflower oil. Add rice and fry until it is saturated with butter and becomes transparent.

#Step 3 - Cut chili and sweet pepper into strips and put in pan Strain the broth from the shells of shrimp and pour into the pan. The broth should be 2 cm on top of rice.

Close the lid and reduce heat. Cook until rice is cooked.

#Step 4 - When the rice is ready to put the shrimp in the pan along with the marinade. Stir and after 2-3 minutes turn off the fire. Let it brew for 10 minutes.

Your Shrimp Creole with rice recipe is ready in Restaurant Style. Now turn off the flame and serve Sprinkle with parsley

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