Shrimp taco recipe easy

Shrimp taco recipe easy are very much like in snacks, and children are so passionate about it. You can eat it at any time at breakfast or in the evening meal.

Shrimp taco recipe easy
  • Cooking Time – 15 minutes
  • Calories - 220

It is very easy to make. We are telling you this easy recipe to make potato patties today that with the help of this recipe you can make Shrimp taco in a minute

Shrimp taco recipe easy

Shrimp recipe is one of the favorite dishes for those who prefer seafood. Everybody likes to eat it in the market, but if you want to make such Tasty shrimp taco recipe easy in the house then you can make it in this way.

Which you can serve in front of the guests coming home as well as eat breakfast with morning breakfast even evening tea and you can also pack it in children's Tiffin.

Ingredients for Shrimp taco recipe easy

Tortilla Taco – 3 Gram
Shrimp – 50 Gram
Iceberg lettuce – 25 Gram
Cilantro – 3 Gram
Green onion – 3 Gram
Ginger sauce - 20 ml
Avocado – 50 Gram
Chili pepper – 3 Gram
Cherry tomatoes – 20 Gram
Sour cream – 40 Gram
Salt - to taste
Pepper - to taste

Shrimp taco recipe easy is very easy to make, if you want some light meal in breakfast, you can definitely try these healthy meals so let's make this tasty dish

How to make Shrimp taco recipe easy

$Step 1 - Combine and mix in a mixing container avocado cut into medium cubes, boiled shrimp, green onion, chili pepper, cherry tomatoes, chopped iceberg salad, salt, pepper and ginger sauce.

$Step 2 - Wheat tortillas form in the form of "boat" and fry in a salamander

$Step 3 - Put the prepared mixture into flat cakes.

Now your Shrimp taco recipe easy is a ready serve hot and decorates with cilantro and serve sour cream additionally.

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