Stuffed Poblano peppers with shrimp

Shrimp we eat in a lot of ways, its aroma gives life to every meal. Here I have taught to make stuffed Poblano peppers with shrimp that is made very easily and gives a taste of pickle in the food.

Stuffed Poblano peppers with shrimp
  • Cooking Time - 1 Hour
  • Calories - 250

This recipe is Poblano peppers with shrimp which does not take much time to make.

Ingredients for Stuffed Poblano peppers with shrimp

Fish broth - 500 Gram
Shrimp – 500 Gram
Beef broth – 500 Gram
Grated cheese - 300 Gram
Rice - 300 Gram
Onion - 1 large
Tomatoes - 8 large
Garlic - 2 - 3 cloves
Cilantro - 1 pinch
Eggs - 2
Fresh basil
Bay leaves - 2-3
Green peas
Lime or lemon juice

We have brought the Stuffed Poblano peppers with shrimp and it is also easy to make can also note the recipe for making our special Stuffed Poblano peppers and try it today.

How to cook Stuffed Poblano peppers with shrimp

@Step 1 - Take the chili peeled, washed, dried and put on the fire, to be well spiked, but gently, on all sides.

@Step 2 - This sort of chili came to us on the table from the Mexican town of Puebla. Its green color shows us that it is not as hot as other varieties of chili peppers.

If this pepper turns red, then it will immediately become more acute, but still before use, especially in this recipe, do not forget to clean it well from the inside, removing all the seeds, which actually give the main piquancy.

Steaming the pepper itself well, put it in a bag so that its skin is completely removed and it is easier to remove.

@Step 3 - Rinse the tomatoes with boiling water and peel, then cut and remove all seeds. By the way, red tomatoes in Mexico are called chiltomate, it is in the ancient language Nahuatl (the ancient Aztec language), but green ones are tomatoes.

Finely chop and set aside, they will soon come in handy for preparing the sauce. As a result, we have finely chopped tomatoes, bay leaves, thin rings, chopped onions and a small pinch of oregano.

Stuffed Poblano peppers with shrimp

@Step 4 - Prepare the sauce. Pour a little olive oil on a well-heated pan, let it heat up and put onion rings, stir and allow to steam until it is golden brown.

Finely chopped tomatoes grind in a blender and put the mixture of tomatoes in the pan to onions, stew, and salt.

Add a pinch of fresh basil. The sauce is ready!

@Step 5 - At this time, the pepper in the package reached the condition. A little Mexican trick to simplify the peeling process put the pepper in a container with room water and, believes me the process will go much faster.

@Step 6 - Prepare the stuffing. I recommend taking large shrimp, they will be delicious.

Heat the pan, add olive oil, fry the onion, and add garlic, shrimp, some fish broth, finely chopped tomatoes, and cilantro.

Sprinkle with lime or lemon juice, add grated cheese and hold it a little on fire, so that the mixture is soaked and the cheese is melted. The filling is ready, it is really appetizing.

@Step 7 - On a peeled pepper cut and very carefully, so that the pepper does not explode, fill it.

@Step 8 - Roll in flour and separately make easy batter beat the eggs in the air foam. Gently and very carefully wrap pepper in our airy batter and dip it in hot olive oil.

Next, fry the pepper with all the wrap flour it is necessary to do this very evenly. After that, I strongly recommend putting pepper on a napkin so that excess oil is gone.

@Step 9 - Cook rice and, add tomato paste and measure the required quantity of beef broth. Rice pours broth, a mixture of tomatoes, onions and tomato paste.

There we will put peas I took a jar of canned peas, but very small. Let it all cooked until done.

That's it, our cooking process is over. We have with you Stuffed Poblano peppers with shrimp, with rice, in a sauce of red tomato and basil.

Put all this very carefully, so that it is both beautiful and appetizing, but I think that this dish will immediately cause salivation, and you will not have to call people at the table for a long time!

Enjoy your meal!

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