Healthy hot and sour shrimp soup

At the restaurant, you will have wedge healthy hot and sour shrimp soup many times, but you can also make this Simple, fast and tasteful! Sour shrimp soup easily at home. 

hot and sour shrimp soup
  • Cooking Time -  1 Hour 15 minutes
  • Calories - 39

This soup is tart and tangy. Ingredients for making shrimp Hot & Sour shrimp lovers will appreciate

Ingredients for hot and sour shrimp soup

Shrimp - 250 gram
Garlic - 2 pc
Bouillon – 3 ml
Ramson - 15 Gram
Sauce, pasta - 0.25 ml
Green onions - 2 Gram
Lemongrass - 4 Gram
Hot peppers - 5 pc
Mushrooms – 180 Gram
Cilantro, coriander - 3 Gram
Chili - 1 pc
Tomato Paste – 1 pc
Dry spices - 1 pc
Pomegranate juice

The reason for this is that hot and sour shrimp soup is beneficial for the health and after eating the soup, the appetite also opens well. At the same time, we get extra nutrition. So, you also try to make hot and sour shrimp soup recipe. We are sure that you will love hot and sour shrimp soup Recipe

Since the culinary recipe “hot and sour shrimp soup” refers to exotic Thai cuisine, you will need special ingredients in order to be able to cook it.

But since recently it has become quite fashionable to rest in Thailand, the issue with the ingredients can be solved simply: order them to fellow travelers or buy them yourself abroad or in a supermarket (which is also an option).

How to make hot and sour shrimp soup

@Step 1 - Chicken broth (or plain water), we put on fire in a saucepan with a thick bottom.

@Step 2 - Give boil and reduce the fire. We also put minced garlic, chopped wild garlic, a spice called galangal (easily replaced with ginger), lemongrass, fish sauce, chili pepper and finely chopped mushroom caps (any mushrooms can be used).

@Step 3 - Two minutes gives boil, and then pours fresh shrimp, bring to a boil. The readiness of the soup is now determined by the shrimp they must change color to pale pink.

@Step 4 - In principle, the shrimp are cooked very quickly it will take about two minutes. Now pour into our soup pomegranate juice - two or three spoons, add chili.

The hot and sour shrimp soup is decorated with leaves of cilantro which can be replaced with parsley - also beautiful. Serve it hot and enjoy yourself soup.

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