Spanish shrimp paella recipe

Spanish shrimp paella recipe world famous traditional Spanish food. And when my husband and I flew to Spain for a holiday, the paella was the first in the list of dishes that I wanted to try.

Spanish shrimp paella recipe
  • Cooking Time -  1 Hour
  • Calories - 145

The delicious national dish of hot Spain will conquer all!

Ingredients for Spanish shrimp paella recipe

Chicken fillet - 4 Gram
Pork - 400 Gram
Squids - 350 Gram
Bulgarian pepper – 1 pc
Onion – 2 pc
Garlic - 1
Shrimp - 100 Gram
Olive oil - 100 ml
Green pea - 500 Gram
Bouillon - 1
Saffron - 2

In the evening we went to a small restaurant on the coast, which, as the guide explained to us, was famous for Spanish shrimp paella recipe. When our order was brought to us, I was a little surprised - the dish was very similar to paella.

But its exquisite taste did not leave me indifferent. I asked the chef to share the secret of cooking and leave Spain with Spanish shrimp paella recipe.

So, proceed to the very process of preparation. For paella fit any pan with thick walls or a cauldron for pilaf.

How to cook Spanish shrimp paella recipe

@Step 1 - First you need to cut the chicken, pork, and squid in small thin slices. 

Do not worry if the pieces are not the same size, the main thing is to make sure that you cut along the fibers, and not across. 

Having dealt with meat and squid, and sweet pepper.

@Step 2 - Carefully cut and peels it from the seeds and cut it into cubes with a face width of about 1 cm.

@Step 3 - The next step is to chop the onion and garlic. For this recipe, it is better to take young garlic, it is more fragrant. While cutting onions and garlic, put the pan to warm up.

@Step 4 - Add oil when the pan begins to heat up so the aroma of olive oil will be transferred to your dish.

@Step 5 - When the pan warms up, lay out the meat and squid and add the shrimp. They need to fry over medium heat in butter and layout.

@Step 6 - On the same pan, put onions, garlic and sweet peppers as the onions become transparent, add rice, peas and a tablespoon of ground saffron and pour in a liter of broth.

It is very easy to cook the broth - to do this, put half a chicken, a whole peeled onion, 2 carrots, and a bay leaf into a saucepan with cold water.

@Step 7 - Simmer the broth on low heat until the chicken meat turns white, remembering to remove the foam. Simmer rice with broth on low heat for 10 minutes, stirring constantly.

@Step 8 - After that, adds the meat, squid and shrimp and another spoonful of saffron and simmer another 10 minutes.

And yours Spanish shrimp paella recipe is ready to enjoy with your family and friends

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