Tamarind shrimp recipe

Tamarind shrimp recipe and garlic have a piquant and at the same time soft taste. Shrimp should not be fried all at once, but in batches, so that they are well prepared.

Tamarind shrimp recipe
  • Cooking Time - 45 minutes Hour
  • Calories - 132

The recipe uses cilantro stalks, and you can also take the roots after washing them out and peeling them. Sugar is best used either brown or palm. It is very tasty to serve such Tamarind shrimp with boiled rice and fresh cilantro herbs.

Ingredients for Tamarind shrimp

Shrimp - 250 Gram
Onion - 40 Gram
Garlic - 15 Gram
Chili - 40 Gram
Cilantro coriander - 20 Gram
Chicken bouillon - 100 Ml
Brown sugar - 60 Gram
Tamarind – 60 Gram
Sauce, pasta - 30 ml
Vegetable oil - 10 ml

Tamarind shrimp recipe is a delicious dish which is served as a starter or snack. When it is served as a side dish with Rice, Let us now know with the help of this simple recipe at home.

How to make Tamarind shrimp recipe

Step 1 - We grease the pan with vegetable oil, send it to the fire, fry the shrimps on both sides so that each one is well prepared.

Step 2 - Chile cleanse seeds, garlic and onions also cleaned. Using a blender, chop the onion, garlic, chili pepper, cilantro stalks.

Step 3 - Add the tamarind concentrate and fish sauce to the resulting slurry, add sugar, pour the broth, mix, send to the fire, bring to a boil.

Step 4 - When the sauce boils, put shrimp in it, let it boil again and remove from heat.

Serve hot Tamarind shrimp recipe in winter evenings you can garnish with rice.

Enjoy your meal!

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