Jumbo shrimp health benefits and calories facts

100 Gram of the jumbo shrimp contains almost 19 calories and the minimum amount of fat is only 1 Gram and this fat is good for the body because it contains the body needs Omega-6 and Omega-3.

jumbo shrimp calories

Jumbo shrimp contains calories and minerals

Calories and Vitamins (Amount In MG)

Zinc:                          2.1 Mg
Sodium:                    450 Mg
Potassium:                260 Mg
Fluorine:                   1 Mg
Calcium:                   135 Mg
Iron:                          2.2
Cobalt:                      12
Magnesium:              60
Iodine:                      1, 3
Phosphorus:              220
Molybdenum:           1
Copper:                     8.5
Sulfur:                      1

Many of us love seafood. And one of these favorite foods is shrimp. They really have something to love - they not only have a delicate sweet taste, but they bring invaluable benefits to our body.

Shrimp can be divided into cold-blooded and warm-blooded. The former has a richer composition and rich taste, and the latter, living in warm waters, are larger - up to 8-10 cm.

Today we will talk about the benefits of shrimps for our health, how to choose them and how to cook them properly.

The chemical composition of shrimps is very diverse. Only 100 grams of the product contains:
Also in the shrimp includes a variety of different vitamins: C, A, PP, E, B9, B1, and B2. Complement their essential amino acids. Know what the Difference between Shrimp and Prawn here

The calorie content of shrimp, boiled in salted water without additives, is only 83-95 calories per 100 g. However, their energy value may vary depending on the variety of shrimp and the method of their preparation:

Calories in the variety of shrimp

Calories in the variety of shrimp

Boiled shrimps have the smallest calories - 80 calories

King prawns contain slightly more calories - 93 calories

In fresh-frozen - 97 calories

Tiger shrimps boiled and peeled contain 85 calories

Fried in oil - 112 calories

Baked in the oven or on the grill - 83 calories

Boiled for a couple - 78 calories

Health Beneficial features of shrimp

Due to its composition and caloric content, eating shrimp has a positive effect on the work of various organs and body systems. The health benefits of shrimp are as follows -

Shrimps are useful iodine contained in them - it is important for the endocrine system and good general well-being, as well as for mental activity.

A large amount of magnesium, potassium, and sodium in shrimp contributes to the normal functioning of the heart.

Sulfur needed for oxygen production provides support for brain activity.

Shrimp are excellent prevention of cancer diseases.

Especially important is the fact that all these trace elements are not only contained in shrimp, but also easily absorbed by the body. 1 shrimp nutrition for weight loss

With regular use of shrimp, their beneficial properties give a greater effect. The state of health in general improves, internal (including hormonal) processes are normalized, immunity becomes stronger. Harmful deposits and toxins, as well as accumulated allergens, are gradually eliminated from the body.

Effect on digestion

Jumbo shrimp health benefits and calories facts

Benefit for the digestive system brings not the meat of shrimp, and their protective layer - chitin. If you eat a little soft shell of shrimp, then he, passing through the intestines, will stimulate his work and remove accumulated harmful deposits in the stomach.

Chitin surpasses even cellular fiber in utility since organic acids are often present in fruits and vegetables, which have a negative effect on digestion.

However, if you want chitin to bring only benefits, you need to be more careful in choosing seafood, since heavy metals accumulate in the shell of low-quality products.

Benefits for women

When it comes to how the shrimp is useful for women, it is impossible not to say that, first of all, their use has a positive effect on appearance.

Due to the rich vitamin-mineral composition, which restores the balance of metabolism and favorably affects the endocrine system, the condition of the nails and hair is improved.

High-quality protein is necessary for the production of collagen, so shrimps in the diet have a positive effect on the skin - wrinkles are smoothed, it becomes more elastic. 22 interesting shrimp nutrition facts

The benefits of shrimp for women are invaluable during pregnancy. During this period it is important to provide the body with a set of useful substances more than is usually necessary.

The inclusion of shrimp in the diet allows you to maintain normal health and at the same time a positive effect on the development of the fetus.

Benefits for men

Back in the days of ancient Rome, the patricians knew the benefits of shrimp for men, and they ate daily dishes to enhance male potency.

This seafood contains a huge amount of selenium, zinc and a rich composition of fatty amino acids. All of these substances improve testosterone production. No wonder shrimp is considered a natural aphrodisiac!

The greater effect can be achieved if along with shrimp to include in the diet other products that strengthen the male power - white wine, rice, and other seafood.

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