Tasty Mashed potatoes with shrimp recipe

You do not know how to diversify mashed potatoes? And try adding shrimps to it! They will make the most ordinary dish truly festive. See the recipe of cooking, remember!

Tasty Mashed potatoes with shrimp recipe
  • Cooking time - 45 minutes 
  • Calories - 297 kcal


Shrimp - 300-500 Grams
Potatoes - 200-300 grams
Butter - 2 spoons
Cream - 60 ml
Sour cream - - to taste
Egg - 1 Piece

To make mashed potatoes tasty, the main thing is to choose the right potato. I always cook it on yellow potatoes, which are well boiled soft. Shrimps, I usually buy ready boiled but frozen. read How to cooking shrimp with lemon juice here

Therefore, it is enough just to defrost them. Sometimes I fry the shrimps in butter to ruddy color. Here you have to choose how you like more

How to make Mashed potatoes with shrimp

#Step1 - Peel the potatoes, chop and boil until tender.

#Step2 - Then drain the water and add half the butter, you can add sour cream a little (optional).

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#Step3 - Then adds the greens, salt, and pepper well pour in the cream.

Tasty Mashed potatoes with shrimp recipe

#Step4 - Finished puree cover so that it does not cool, and set aside. Meanwhile, boil the poached egg.

Tasty Mashed potatoes with shrimp recipe

#Step5 - Shrimp recommend boil. If desired, they can also fry them. Melt the remaining half of the butter, pour over the shrimp.

Serve with mashed shrimp and egg, sprinkled with finely chopped greens.

Enjoy your meal!

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