Easy Millet porridge with shrimp recipe

Shrimp Porridge - Your shrimp recipe delicious with Millet Porridge and it's very nourishing contains many tastes, and it is very easy to cook. Your household will appreciate.

Shrimp Porridge
  • Cooking time - 45 minutes
  • Calories - 100

Very, Very tasty Millet porridge with shrimp recipe from Jamie Oliver magazine we make it with small changes.

Ingredients for porridge with shrimp

Water - 150 ml
Onion - 2 heads
Butter - 70 Gram
Cream 10-20% - 120 ml
Processed cheese - 150 Gram
Shrimp - 250 Gram
Bouillon - 150 ml
Millet - ½ cup

I offer a dish of cereals, which many do not use very often. And the cereal is wonderful, so I advise you to cook it according to this shrimp porridge recipe, please with unexpected combinations of yourself and loved ones. check curry sauce with shrimp and coconut milk

How to cook millet porridge with shrimp

Step1 - Millet rinses very well.

Easy Millet porridge with shrimp recipe

Step2 - Boil water in a saucepan with a thick bottom, pour millet into it and bring to the boil again. Cook porridge 20 minutes to the state of al dente.

Step3 - Boil shrimp, save the broth and finely chop the onion. In a skillet melt 2 tbsp butter, fry in it onions until golden brown. Add boiled millet, cream, broth from boiling shrimp. Easy healthy shrimp Alfredo recipe

Crumble cheese on top (I had with mushrooms). Read the labels carefully! My husband once bought a cheese product, this cheese melts very badly! Mix everything, cook porridge for 10 minutes.

Easy Millet porridge with shrimp recipe

Step4 - Put the salt it is necessary at this stage because the broth from cooking shrimp is quite salty! Before serving, stir in the porridge remaining butter, add shrimp.

Layout 2 tbsp porridge on the plate, on top - shrimp. You can decorate the dish with fresh herbs.

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