Delicious Shrimp and rice pilaf

Shrimp pilaf is an incredibly tasty and nutritious pilaf, which of all the existing variations of this dish I like the most. You can use any rice for this pilaf it is all your favorite dishes in a new style.

Shrimp pilaf

Ingredients for Shrimp and rice pilaf

Shrimp - 300 Gram
Basmati rice - 0.5 cup
Water or shrimp broth - 1 cup
Carrots - 1 pc
Onion - 1 pc
Garlic - 2 cloves
Salt, pepper - to taste
Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp

I like basmati, steamed - as a result, it comes out tender, crumbly and just delicious. Shrimp for pilaf can be supplemented with other seafood if desired. Serve such a pilaf with fresh vegetables or light sauce and greens.

How to make Shrimp and rice pilaf

@Step1 - Peel the medium-sized carrots and onions, wash and dry the vegetables. Carrot cut into small plates, onion cut into cubes.

@Step2 - Heat a spoonful of vegetable oil in a pan, put carrots and onions, fry vegetables for a few minutes.

Shrimp and rice pilaf

@Step2 - Pour basmati rice into the pan.

@Step3 - Shrimp pre-boil and peel, then add them to the rice.

Shrimp and rice pilaf

@Step4 - Add salt and pepper immediately to the pan, add chopped garlic.

@Step5 - Pour warm water or broth into the pan, which is obtained after boiling the shrimp. Cover the pan with a frying pan and cook pilaf with shrimps for 20 minutes. 

The finished dish is served.

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