Rice with chicken and shrimp

Have you ever encountered combination rice with chicken and shrimp of in one dish? To taste this variation turned out to be correct, you should choose only proven recipes, such as mine. Carefully read!

Rice with chicken and shrimp
  • Cooking Time - 40 minutes
  • Calories - 265
I described how to cook chicken shrimp and rice. This dish is familiar to you under the name paella. Spaniards know a lot about hearty and original hot dishes, and seasonings will add the necessary flavor notes.

Consider for cooking you will need a wide and deep pan. Portions will be enough for the whole family

Ingredients for chicken shrimp and rice

Shrimp peeled - 450 Grams
Chicken thigh - 4 pieces
Onions - 1 Piece
Tomato - 1 Piece
Olive oil - 1 Teaspoon
Garlic - 2 teeth
Chicken broth - 1 Liter
Paprika - 1 teaspoon
Saffron - 0.25 Teaspoons
Rice - 300 Grams
Peas - 50 Grams
Parsley -
Salt - To taste
Ground black pepper - To taste

The unusual combination of chicken fillet and shrimp creates an exquisite taste. This dish can be served with or without garnish. The chicken with shrimp and rice is cooked quickly, on the stove 13 minutes, and the whole cooking time will take only 20-30 minutes.

How to cook Rice with chicken and shrimp

$Step1 - Rub Chicken thighs with salt and pepper and Fry them in a pan with butter for 15 minutes until golden brown.

Rice with chicken and shrimp

$Step2 - Then add the finely chopped onion to the pan. Fry the ingredients together for 5 minutes.

Rice with chicken and shrimp

$Step3 - Also add chopped garlic. Stir and cook another 1 minute.

$Step4 - Then adds the paprika and sliced tomato without skin. Cook together for 2 minutes.

Rice with chicken and shrimp

$Step5 - Pour in broth and add saffron. Bring the dish to a boil.

$Step6 - Next, add rice. Cook it on medium heat for 10 minutes.

Rice with chicken and shrimp

$Step7 - At the end add the peas and shrimps.

After 10 minutes of stewing, the dish Rice with chicken and shrimp will be ready.

Enjoy your meal!

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