How to cooking shrimp with lemon juice

Shrimp - a great beer snack! But not everyone knows how to cook them. Therefore, I am sharing with you a simple cooking shrimp with lemon juice recipe for making shrimp.

cooking shrimp with lemon juice
  • Cooking time - 25 minutes
  • Calories - 254 kcal

A real gourmet delicacy cooks shrimp with lemon. The biggest advantage of this is the speed of its preparation. You just have to try this yummy.               

Ingredients for cooking shrimp with lemon juice

Shrimp - 1 Kilogram
Garlic - 4 teeth
Lemon - 1 Piece
Olive Oil - 50 Grams
Fresh herbs

A real delicacy in 25 minutes is myth or reality? In fact, everything is very simple, because the shrimps are cooked quickly, fry them with lemon juice, garlic and herbs will not be difficult.

Dip the prepared shrimp in soy sauce or mustard - and enjoy! Grilled shrimp with lemon cooked at home will not leave anyone indifferent! check here healthy shrimp Alfredo recipe

The key to success is choosing the right shrimp. Be sure to before you buy online on what you should pay attention to when choosing.

I was lucky, in the shrimps, I bought there were individuals with brown heads, which means that they are pregnant and their meat is very useful. Do not buy shrimps with blackheads - they may have been ill, say the Internet?

Thaw the shrimp at room temperature but if you do not have time, you can cook and frozen, I also do it sometimes.

How to cooking shrimp with lemon juice

#Step1 - Prepare the necessary ingredients. Boil frozen shrimps in boiling water (5 minutes).

#Step2 - Chop the garlic, cut the lemon into slices.

cooking shrimp with lemon juice

#Step3 - Heat the olive oil in the pan, put the shrimp. Add garlic and dried herbs. Cook for 15 minutes, stirring. 

Then squeeze the lemon juice on the shrimp, throw the slices. Fry another 5 minutes.

cooking shrimp with lemon juice

#Step4 - The finished dish is served hot. We decorate shrimps with chopped greens, as a supplement, we serve soy sauce or mustard. know How to cook sweet chili shrimp tacos it delicious

We spread our shrimps on a plate evenly sprinkle the juice of half a lemon. The remaining half decorates with herbs. enjoy the dish!

Watch video cooking shrimp with lemon juice

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