Easy mussels and shrimp recipe

For those who love seafood, quick to prepare and low-calorie dishes, we offer Easy mussels and shrimp recipe for a salad with mussels and shrimps. For a brighter color, I add crab meat and fresh lettuce leaves. In fact, additional components can be changed.

mussels and shrimp recipe
  • Cooking Time - 10 minutes Hour
  • Calories - 106

Here a juicy iceberg, sharp arugula, elastic squids or octopuses will come in handy. But the main ones are mussels and shrimp, lemon, which is obligatory for refueling.

Light, tasty and easy to prepare a salad for seafood lovers.

Ingredients for mussels and shrimp recipe

Shrimps - 200 Gram
Mussels - 150 Gram
Crab Meat - 100 Gram
Salad leaves - 50 Gram
Lemon - 1/2 pc
Olive oil - 30 Gram
Salt, hot pepper - to taste

The larger the mussels and shrimp recipe got, the easier it is to clean, and the meaty seafood promises to be tastier than little things. Frozen ingredients are pre-thawed (in the package on the shelf of the refrigerator).

How to make mussels and shrimp recipe

@Step 1 - Lettuce leaves are washed in cold water, shaken off, dried on a napkin. Then easily tear hands with small fragments.

Easy mussels and shrimp recipe

@Step 2 - Thawed shrimp cleaned.

@Step 3 - Throw on a dry hot skillet.

Easy mussels and shrimp recipe

@Step 4 - Immediately load the mussels. If necessary, pre-clean them from sand, algae, pollution.

@Step 5 - We add crab meat, mix and steam for 3-4 minutes. As soon as the shrimp turn red from all sides, remove the seafood from the stove.

Easy mussels and shrimp recipe

@Step 6 - For dressing our salad with mussels and shrimps, mix olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and ground black pepper.

Easy mussels and shrimp recipe

@Step 7 - We combine fresh lettuce leaves with a warm seafood mix, generously sprinkle with lemon-oil dressing.

On the table, homemade salad with Easy mussels and shrimp recipe served immediately. Enjoy your meal!

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