Know what the Difference between Shrimp and Prawn

In the shops, you can find shrimp and prawn difference between which it is often difficult to find the difference. We will try to understand what the difference between these shrimp and prawn

shrimp and prawn difference

Shrimp and prawn difference

Shrimp vs


Officially recognized decapod crayfish species
The unscientific name for several crustacea
species of impressive size.
They live both in artificial and in a natural environment. Diluted exclusively in farms
They are the largest representatives among the relatives  Have more modest dimensions (20-25 cm)
Have a proportional body structure The tail is an order of magnitude smaller than the head
The shell color is gray with characteristic black stripes. The color of the shell depends on the species of crustaceans.
The meat is surprisingly tender and juicy. Have a sweet taste like crab meat.
Prepare no more than 3 minutes Cook for 7-10 minutes
Characterized by high protein. Protein concentration slightly lower
After cooking the shell turns pale, but does not change color After heat treatment, they become red.

It is difficult to imagine a gourmet who does not feed the love of fresh and juicy seafood. Mussels, lobsters, crabs, lobsters, shrimps, squid - and the list go on and on. 

The choice of this or that delicacy depends not only on the taste preferences but also on the financial capabilities of the person. After all, if some of them can be purchased at the nearest supermarket, others are served only in prestigious restaurants. 

The first category includes various types of shrimp. They are added to salads and pasta, juliennes and soups, or simply eat a bit of sugar with a frothy drink.

So what's the difference between Shrimp and prawn?

  • Definitions
  • Comparison

Definitions of shrimp - Shrimp are a species of decapods that live in the warm waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans. Commercial mining is carried out mainly in the Japanese and Mediterranean seas. Today, there are also many artificial farms that breed shrimp of this species. About 2/3 of the crustaceans come from Thailand, China, and Latin American countries.

shrimp and prawn difference

The name of the species is due to the striped coloring of the shell of its representatives. Tiger shrimp are much larger than their relatives. The weight of some individuals is capable of reaching up to 650 grams, and the length is up to 36 cm. check out 1 shrimp nutrition here

Thanks to tender and surprisingly juicy meat, crustaceans are a delicacy popular among gourmands. Tiger shrimps are divided into three varieties - black, green and ordinary.

Definitions of prawn - prawn are a rather impressive crustacean clan, which includes representatives of eight different species. This name is a more popular brand than the official name of the class of aquatic inhabitants. Only individuals reaching impressive sizes are ranked as royals. Their average length is 20-25 cm. 

shrimp and prawn difference

These prawns are bred for sale in farms. Dishes from them enjoyed great honor in ancient times. True, then they were served on the table, not boiled, but baked or fried. Know to more prawn benefits click here

A characteristic feature of royal prawn is the presence of a large head and a miniature tail. In most cases, the product is found on store shelves in boiled, frozen or raw.

Comparison of shrimp and prawn

To begin with, we will consider the main differences of representatives of the fauna world that interest us from the position of their existence in nature. Tiger shrimps have officially recognized decapods. They both live in their natural environment and are divorced in artificially created conditions. 

Tiger shrimps are much larger than their relatives. They can be as long as 36 cm. There are noticeable black stripes on the shell of crustaceans. As for the prawn, in the science of this name simply does not exist. This is a kind of trade brand that combines various types of warm-blooded crustaceans, whose size can be called very impressive. Know more about shrimps health benefits 

King prawns do not live in their natural environment. They are bred exclusively in farms for sale. The length of some individuals can reach 20-25 cm.

The difference between shrimp and prawn also lies in the fact that the former have a proportional body structure. The size of the tail and their heads are about the same. The shell of live individuals is characterized by a gray color.

Prawns have a noticeably larger head compared to the tail. The color of the shell may vary depending on the species of crustacean. Boiled prawns have a red tinge and slightly sweet taste, like that of crab meat. To bring the raw frozen product to readiness, it is recommended to dip it in salted boiling water for 7-10 minutes.

In comparison with boiled shrimp, the royal ones cannot boast such tender and juicy meat. Yes, and their protein content is much lower. 

The color of the shell of tiger shrimps practically does not change when boiling, but only becomes paler. It is recommended to keep them in boiling water for no more than three minutes; otherwise, the meat will become “rubber”.

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