How to make Very tasty shrimp paste recipe

Homemade shrimp paste - no worse than the purchase. And by the number of shrimp - even better! Shrimp paste, along with fish sauce, is one of the main flavors of Thai cuisine. It is present in almost all curry pastes

Very tasty shrimp paste recipe
Cooking time - 5 minutes 
Calories - 319 kcal

shrimp paste seemed to be a good alternative to a single product that is sold in stores, and I really liked the idea. In my recipe for shrimp paste will be significantly more shrimp than in the purchase. check out Tasty Mashed potatoes with shrimp recipe here

Ingredients tasty shrimp paste recipe

Mayonnaise - 100 Gram
Shrimp small without shell - 100 Gram
Sour cream - 2 tbsp
Parsley - 1 branch
Garlic, salt, pepper - to taste

For some, this may be a disadvantage, because it increases the cost of the product. I suggest they add an extra boiled hard-boiled egg to the recipe. With him, shrimp paste will be thicker

How to make tasty shrimp paste recipe

@Step1 - Clean the garlic and third of shrimp set aside. We combine all the ingredients (except for the very shrimp that we need later).

@Step2 - Thoroughly chop the shrimp paste in a blender - until it acquires the consistency of mayonnaise.

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@Step3 - Shredded shrimp chop with a knife. Mix in the rest of the pasta season to taste.

Your delicious paste is ready You can eat shrimp paste with bread as well as gravy.

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