Cream of corn and shrimp

Cream and delicious corn and shrimp can be prepared at home in milk. Corn and shrimp - quick and easy recipes for the home for every taste

Cream of corn and shrimp


Milk - 500 ml
Water - 500 ml
Peeled shrimp - 200 Gram
Corn - 1 can
Butter - 5 tbsp
Flour - 2 tbsp
Sea ​​salt

How to cook Cream of corn and shrimp

Step1 - Open the canned corn and drain the liquid and cook the corn mash in a blender, put it into the pan and add 2 cups of water.  Heat stirring until boiling and remove from the fire. Read Chowder soup with fennel and shrimp

Dissolve the butter in another saucepan gradually adds all the flour and pour the hot milk.

If it was not possible to avoid lumps, then pour the cooled mixture into a blender and beat until homogeneous.

Step2 - Mix the corn and flour mixture and stirring slowly to a boil add shrimp, salt, then continue to cook the soup for no more than 7 minutes otherwise the shrimp will lose density. Check Mexican fish and shrimp soup

Pour the cream soup of corn and shrimp on plates and add white crackers cheese and sprinkle with herbs.

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