Easy Festive Sushi Cake with Shrimps

Very tasty and very effective Sushi cake it tastes like real sushi, so it is dedicated to lovers of sushi On the festive table, it creates a sensation with its appearance and wonderful taste

Sushi Cake

Ingredients for Sushi Cake

Salted redfish - 300 g
Cheese curd - 150 g
Shrimp - 150 g
Cucumber / avocado - 1 piece
Rice - 2 glasses
Nori seaweed

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How to make Sushi Cake with Shrimps

Step1 - If you make a round cake, then cut the leaf and giving a round shape. If sheets are not used, then immediately lay out a layer of rice on a plate.

Step2 - Put a layer of rice on a flat dish, coat with cheese and cover with a layer of fish. Read Crispy shrimp cake recipe

Top thin lay cucumber or avocado, you can replace the bell pepper now repeat the rice-cheese.

Step3 - And now it came to shrimps, decorated with wasabi and covered with a sheet of nori, again - rice, fish (shrimps).

Cover the edges of the festive sushi-cake with shrimps to sheets and nori, cut into plates, or thin cucumber plates.

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