Fish kebabs with shrimp recipe

Seafood recipes are always very tasty and nutritious. Today we try to cook something delicious Fish kebabs with shrimps. They are of course gorgeous and just on their own.

Fish kebabs

Ingredients for Fish kebabs

Whitefish fillet - 400 g
Shrimp - 200 g
Lemon - 1 piece
Olive oil - 7 tbsp
Garlic - 2 teeth

In nature, the main dish is kebab. But does everybody like pork kebab, especially beef or lamb Seafood barbecue is an incomparable dish that is cooked in minutes and shakes with its juiciness, delicate taste and aroma.

How to Cook Fish kebabs with Shrimp Recipe

Step1 - The taste of fish kebab depends on the marinade, in which seafood will stay 2 hours.

For preparation, it is necessary to chop the garlic with rosemary leaves. Squeeze lemon juice and chop the zest. Mix everything with olive or vegetable oil, salt, and pepper. Delicious and healthy Shrimps with vegetable stew recipe

Step2 - Whitefish with dense pulp, preferably with a minimum of bones, cut into small pieces. 

Peel the shrimp and marinate along with the fish pieces. String the fish pieces on twigs and alternating shrimp.

Step3 - Fry on the grill for 4 minutes. The fish is cooked very quickly, so you need to ensure that the finished meat is not torn on skewers. Squid fillet with shrimps in wine sauce

Serve fish kebabs with shrimps with baked vegetables, garnished with a slice of lemon.

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