Top 3 Popular Online Surveys sites

Paid surveys online are the new concept for many, but the reality is, you may easily make extra money by doing surveys online. Here I have listed the top 3 most popular online survey websites for 2019. These paid surveys websites listed here are the top paying and offer most surveys monthly and can pay you well when you will cash out your income. We suggest you sign up for all of them to maximize your profits online.

Online Surveys sites


Swagbucks is one of the best paying online survey sites of 2019. Swagbucks rewards for the paid surveys have appeared to get highly competitive when compared to other survey sites. We were highly impressed by the improvements over the past some years and we put them on number 1! 

Some people have made an absolute killing every month from Swagbucks surveys by referring to the new people and signing up on the website for free. Also, you may get 10% each or referrals earning for entire life while they sign up onto this website for free. Some other ways of making money from this website include completing offers, watching videos, playing games online or using their search engine for browsing the internet. So, technically speaking Swagbucks will reward you to do plenty of things that you will generally do on a daily basis.

When earning on Swagbucks, one will get rewarded with SB’s that you can exchange for rewards. There’re many gift card options you can select from that includes e-vouchers for the online retailers, online gaming, restaurants, clothing and more. PayPal is one highly recommended payment option. Swagbucks provide sweepstakes opportunities with a few running dailies with the small prizes or other prizes accessible weekly.

         American Consumer Opinion or ACOP

ACOP is our second top paying survey online of 2019. American Consumer Opinion continues to offer some interesting and regular surveys and pay well with the high reward rates. We are participating and monitoring in this survey site from last many years and things are consistent and good. 

Their surveys come every week and rewards of completion are the best when compared to the similar panels. Surveys will last between 10 to 30 minutes, but, longer the survey will cost you in time, better will be the rewards. 

The nice benefit to become an active participant at ACOP is a fact that you will get the product testing opportunities. The payouts for your points earned will be through check or PayPal. Payments are made quickly so in case you want to make money quickly online, you can use ACOP. SurveyH

         Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the legitimate way of making extra money when you are waiting on the queue for your bus, or on the lunch break, or when vegging on your couch. Survey Junkie is totally free and simple to sign up. 

When signed up, you will start taking the surveys on a go, even from your mobile phone! One amazing thing about the Survey Junkie is its affiliate program. Very much like the referral program, with Survey Junkie Affiliate Network, you can earn money by referring the people to take these surveys. SurveyH


Taking surveys now can be done even on your phone at any time. The best survey websites are the awesome way of making additional money during the down times. They won’t make you rich; however, they will supplement income while you need quick money. 

No matter whether you are a teen or adult, these survey websites want you. Within 15 minutes and less, you will make additional cash. You can choose your time when you would like to take this survey. It is what makes online survey websites very flexible. Thus, pick the site and start earning money!

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