Seafood Salad in Lemon Juice

On a variety of seafood salads should pay attention to all who follow their menu and trying to eat right. The Delicious seafood salads in Lemon Juice recipes quick tasty and importantly healthy salads I offer recipes for any tastes and preferences

Seafood Salad in Lemon Juice


Dry white wine - 250 ml
Mollusks (cockles) - 250 Gram
Squids - 250 Gram
Shrimp - 250 Gram
Mussels - 250 Gram
Black pepper peas - 7 pieces
Bay leaf                - 1 piece
Lemon - 1 piece
Onion - 1 head
Parsley - 1/2 beam
Thyme - 1 sprig
Lemon juice - 1 piece
Onion vinegar - 1 tbsp
Garlic - 1 clove
Olive oil

How to cook Seafood Salad in Lemon Juice

Step1 - Clean and wash squid. Rinse thoroughly with hearts and mussels. It is advisable to pour boiling water. Pour water and wine into a large saucepan, put seasonings, onions, bring to a boil.

Put squid in a saucepan, cook for 10 minutes, and remove with a slotted spoon. Read Salad with shrimps avocado and olives here

Step2 - Throw hearts and mussels into the water and cook until they open. Remove from the water, do not open the shell and discard.

At the end of cooking, throw the shrimp into slightly boiling water. Boil for 4 minutes (depending on size).

Step3 - Peel the shells and shrimps. Prepare marinade: combine lemon juice, salt, vinegar, olive oil. Peel and chop the garlic and Put in the marinade.

Pour the prepared marinade to seafood pour in the same strained broth. Check Salad of shrimps and eggs with crackers

Step4 - Leave to pickle - it will take at least half an hour. Before serving, seafood salad in a lemon juice sprinkles with chopped parsley. Decorate the salad with lemon slices.

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