Shrimp kebab with sesame in soy sauce

Shrimp kebab with sesame in soy sauce - This dish is in case you did not have time for dinner the basic idea of ​​the recipe is quick and tasty. Shrimp kebab is fry for literally several minutes on each side

Shrimp Kebab

Ingredients for Shrimp kebab

Shrimp  - 24 pieces
Sesamep - 1/4 cup
Wine vinegar - 2 tbsp
Soy sauce - 2 tbsp
Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp

How to make Shrimp kebab with sesame

Step1 - Clean the shrimp and strung on 3 pieces on bamboo skewers (soak them for half an hour in water beforehand). Read Fish kebabs with shrimp recipe

In a wide bowl, mix vinegar and soy sauce, pour the sesame seeds into a plate. Each kebab dipped in a soy-vinegar mixture, rolled over sesame seeds to evenly cover with shrimp seed.

Step2 - Preheat pan with butter and fry skewers with shrimps on each side for a couple of minutes.

Fold the shrimp kebab with sesame seeds in soy sauce on a wide plate. While the pan is hot, pour the remaining soy mixture into it and boil for about 15 seconds. Easy Festive Sushi Cake with Shrimps

When the mixture thickens pour kebabs with this sauce.

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