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The most healthy seafood, of is shrimp. They are easy to cook at home. And in order for the dish to get a special taste, So let’s start how to make shrimp cocktail sauce It is recommended to serve it separately in a sauceboat and water seafood immediately before a meal.

how to make shrimp cocktail sauce

  • Cooking Time – 20 minutes
  • Calories - 150

Shrimp cocktail sauce

Cocktail sauce the special taste of shrimp and its constituent ingredients every good housewife in stock should have several sauces for different dishes. This seafood is not bad at all in the usual boiled form, but the dish will be much tastier if the shrimps are served along with the unusual Cocktail sauce to taste.

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Ingredients for how to make shrimp cocktail sauce

Mayonnaise - 100 Gram
Garlic - 3

How to make shrimp cocktail sauce

  • Freeing the table from unnecessary items and put on the working surface products that are 

  • necessary for the preparation of the shrimp cocktail sauce.

  • Immediately prepare the garlic press and a spoon to mix the ingredients of the cocktail sauce.

  • Also, do not forget about the bowl in which we will connect the components.

  • We start with the fact that we divide the head of garlic into cloves.

  • The number of teeth can be increased or decreased.

  • Focus on your preference.

  • We clean the cloves of husks.

  • Now is the time to chop garlic cloves.

  • Squeeze them into a bowl (cup).

  • Next, go to the addition of spices.

  • The mixture of fragrant.

  • At this stage, also be guided by your taste.

  • In the bowl to the garlic mass, we shift the declared portion of mayonnaise (this may be homemade mayonnaise or store).

  • Now, using an ordinary spoon, carefully mix all the ingredients for garlic shrimp cocktail sauce. Read more: a delicious recipe for preparing a sauce for kebabs.

  • If you are planning to serve the resulting sauce to a meat or fish dish, put it in a saucepan and decorate with fresh greens.

  • Also, such garlic cocktail sauce with mayonnaise can be used for salads and fried vegetables (shrimps, seafood, etc.).

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Now you delicious sauce is ready how to make shrimp cocktail sauce so enjoy your delicious food with shrimp cocktail sauce and if you have any suggestion and question please comment below

Enjoy your meal!

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